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    Junior Member

    Wheres Anyone in SD

    Vermillion here.

    Junior Member

    Wheres Anyone in SD

    Quote Originally Posted by Essence
    I cant believe there is no one that comes here frm sdakota geeezzz Anyone
    I'm in Rapid

    Since this is where everyone from here is, I'll make my intro here. This is what I wrote on another site which I'll keep nameless.

    JMO said: "so do we really want to become like California broke and high. "
    My name is John, not so long ago I had Necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating disease or flesh-eating bacteria. I have scares that run from my groin to my ankle, at the knee to the thigh the leg is gone from the back to the front overtaking the thigh in a hideous disfiguring mesh of skin grafts,and an open one on my tail bone, due to the removal of more infection which has yet to close.

    After my coma, my head was never right again, I can't so much as close my eyes to wash my hair, or towel it dry with out loosing my balance. Simply put my pain is constant, but fluctuates from achy to soul sucking - Nauseating at times.

    If there is a drug, that could help me with this, then I would plead to make it legal, as well as some guarantee that my asking for it wouldn't find me being treated as though I were simply looking for a high. I don't know of anyone who sells it on the street, so I'm pretty well screwed, but that's ok...I'm pretty tough when I gotta be I guess.

    When I think about some of the drugs I've been on, and the hellish withdraws that followed, such as methadone...I think medical marijuana would be something I would love to try for MYSELF...As opposed to my usual regiment of medical alcohol.

    Any one know of anyone who sells in Rapid by chance?

    Coyote wuz here!

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    Junior Member

    Wheres Anyone in SD

    Quote Originally Posted by FloydFan
    I'm in Aberdeen and over here the prices are even a little higher. I know that shwag and good are normally not used in a sentence together, but there's actually some GOOD shwag around here lately. I can get an ounce for $160 or a QP for like $450ish.
    I'd be interested lol.

    Junior Member

    Wheres Anyone in SD

    aberdeen here. hello everyone..

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