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    How feasible is outdoor growing?

    Well.. yes it is easy if you're trying to grow ditchweed. If you're growing outdoors you want to get away from the mentality of easy does it because your product will suffer. Small mistakes or focusing on results instead of PROCESS will produce crap unless you have a super strain or the odds are in your favor.

    This past year I discovered the greatest strain for my climate.. pest resistant, vigorous, hardy, fast flowering, early finishing, great for LST, and many many budding sites with short internode spacing. HEAVEN right? Yea, it was but I still had to put in work. You have to maintain stealth, you have to keep pests and animals away from your crop, and you NEED WATER. If you aren't working to upkeep then the forces of nature are working to break down.

    But yea you can definitely take 100 seeds spread them across a 100 sq. ft and get some of them to grow with little effort, but I've learned from experience that YES cannabis is generally hardy and persistent and it will grow on it's on... but every little stressor will bring down the overall health/vigor of the plant which will kill your yield and the plants ability to give you the best possible produce.

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    How feasible is outdoor growing?

    Quote Originally Posted by lipps
    the only ditch weed around here is the stuff that's so potent after smoking it you can't drive or you end up in the ditch. you get out what u put in........
    LLH.. aint it the truth

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    How feasible is outdoor growing?

    Md, I often forget that many climates aren't like mine. Droughts are VERY rare, abundant rain is normal, soil rich. Plus I grow in my back yard, so easy access. Once they're in the ground no more transplanting or lugging around pots. The biggest worry around here is bud rot from too much rain once the buds plump up. Zone 7 on the ag map, long growing season. So for me, outdoor growing is actually easier on these old bones. When I grow indoors its sog, sm plants/pots are easier on arthritis with the labor. I may bitch about winter, but if we had no freezes, we be over run by insects & soil borne plant pathogens. So climate/area is the determining factor as to whether outdoor growing is easy, or really hard labor. Damned I got lucky!

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